What's next for Harmonix and Rock Band?

RigopulosAlex Rigopulos is a visionary. He is the creator of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, both incredibly innovative and addicting games. But what does Harmonix have in store for us after Rock Band? Rock Band Battle of the Bands in Boston?

In a recent interview with Next-Gen, Rigopulos said "Frankly, I really think we’re at the very beginning of what this category is going to become."

The first thing that you would think Harmonix would be working on is Rock Band 2… but how would you create a sequel that expands on gameplay and isn’t just a rehash with different tracks? That’s always been a problem with the musical game genre.

"Content is not the only area in which we want to innovate… First of all, there are other instruments that we haven’t touched yet, there are other music genres."

Please don’t tell me Rap Superstar is up next. Or Jazz Flutist: Solo edition. In all seriousness though, it would be interesting to see what other instruments they have in mind (tuba anyone?).

An even more innovative route that Harmonix is thinking of, is creating a music game that wouldn’t just be a simulation of playing instruments, but actually give the player the ability to create music. Rigopulos realizes that "there’s some untapped potential in having freestyle and creative elements in games," and intends on following that train of thought.

This could spell disaster for people like me who lack any resemblance to musical ability and rely on games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band to help me pretend I can actually play music. You can’t take this from me Rigopulos! It’s all I have!

Have you no pity!?


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