Why is Peter Moore smiling? It's his contract…

Peter MooreRemember when the Yankee’s bought A-Rod? We all chuckled at how ridiculous Mr. Steinbrenner "builds" championship caliber teams: $$$$. But that’s what happens when you don’t have a salary cap–the talent goes to the highest bidder.

Well, EA is taking after the good ol’ Yanks–they’re buying talent. And after looking at Peter Moore’s contract, you’ll be wondering if he’s playing in the major leagues.

We all know Peter More walked away from Microsoft last month and headed over to Electronic Arts to become the EA Sports president. What we didn’t know was the offer he couldn’t refuse.

Peter Moore was officially awarded $22 million in shares. Talk about office perks… This is on top of his $550,000 base salary a year that comes with a conditional bonus of 75 percent. And, what in sports we call the "signing bonus", in a one time lump-sum, Moore got $1,500,000.

I’m not saying we should impose a salary cap on the gaming industry… but come on EA, let’s play fair. Next thing you know game developers are going to have to start testing for steroids.

Via [computerandvideogames.com]


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