Wideband is here at 50Mbps but at a premium price

internet speed meterNo matter what high-speed Internet service you use, there is always the wish for even higher broadband speeds. Comcast says that your wish is their command…for a stiff price of $149.99 per month, that is. The DOCSIS 3.0 protocol is promising download speeds of 50Mbps and uploads at 5Mbps.

To put this all in perspective, a typical "fast" download speed is around 3Mbps. Compared to the 50Mbps that Comcast is offering, you’ll probably need to install a radiator on your modem to keep it cool.

The new service is a move from broadband to wideband. Mitch Bowling of Comcast said, "We believe wideband will usher-in a new era of speed and Internet innovation for today’s digital consumers. Wideband is the future, and it’s coming fast."

Will the blazing speed conection ever be more affordable for your everyday Joe? Comcast spokesman, Charlie Douglas said, "It’s too early to talk about future price drops. A lot of this is going to be about consumer demand and the response that we see. We’ll adjust based on consumer demand."

In reality, the demand is there, it just depends on how many consumers would actually sign up for such an expensive service. If the accounts don’t materialize as Comcast hopes, that will most likely usher in the price drops that Comcast is being so cagey about.

[via arstechnica]


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