Wii ads cancelled by Nintendo. Why? Not enough Wiis

Wii guysAs it is with every holiday shopping season, companies try to drum up some extra business by bombarding the public with television ads.

But for Nintendo, this season is going to be different. The company is actually going to pull all of its Wii TV ads in the UK leading up to Christmas, because the demand is just too high and the company thinks it would be irresponsible to continue to advertise the scarce items.

Now that’s a problem any business would just love to have.

Nintendo said, "We have been running the campaign all year round, but we want to take a responsible stance this Christmas and not fuel demand."

Mario and Company will replace the Wii ads with DS ads until the demand has died down. According to one industry insider, "You can tell what has been happening. They have a lot of spots on TV, but I am seeing more ads for the DS than I am for the Wii, so you can draw your own conclusions."

If people in the UK do start seeing more Wii ads on TV once again, it can only mean one thing: there are Wiis in stock.

[via gamasutra]


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