Wii Controller Secrets Leaked?

Official Nintendo development documents concerning the Wii,s controller have surfaced, detailing features and limitations that had not been officially acknowledged to date. While not exactly earth-shaking, the inside information (obtained by IGN) will hold over hard-core Wii junkies until the console,s launch sometime later this year. Some highlights from the documents:

– The Wiimote will operate on a 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth signal, and will be powered by two AA batteries. The batteries will offer between 30 and 60 hours of life, depending on which features the controller is using.
– Four LED lights on the controller will indicate the power levels of the controller’s batteries.
– The Wiimote also features 6KB of internal memory, but there is no specification on how the memory is used.
– There is an embedded rumble feature in the Wiimote, but it has only one speed.
As reported early last month here at GamerNode, the Wiimote does indeed have a problem with “lamps, plastic, mirrors” and other light-emitting and light-reflecting objects. According to the document, the problems are being troubleshooted in preparation for production of the controller.

The excruciatingly slow release of information for the Wii has fired up an interest in the machine that has surpassed the expectations of most gamers.


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