Wii Fit moves 1 million copies

wii fitWii Fit is the brain child of Shigeru Miyamoto, but unlike his other creations, it is strictly aimed at the casual crowd.

When unveiled at E3 last year it intrigued people, but many hardcore fans felt betrayed in that Nintendo’s biggest announcement didn’t involve a new game from the main Nintendo franchises.

Nintendo though, is obviously onto something when it comes to appeasing the casual gamer. Wii Fit has moved over one million copies since its release in Japan.

Surprising, but not totally unexpected. Now the question becomes if Wii Fit will become a hit on American shores and elsewhere. With one million copies already sold in Japan, it maybe an indication that Nintendo has another winner. But this isn’t a sure thing.

Remember that the Japanese and American markets have different tastes. Best example of this is the Xbox 360. We love it here, the Japanese hate it there. So only time will tell if Nintendo’s wacky exercises will catch on in the States with the couch potato crowd.

[Via Gamasutra]


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