Wii officially passes up Xbox 360 sales

WiimotesWell, it’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo has finally taken the lead away from Microsoft in the console race.

The Financial Times is reporting that as Wii tops 9 million consoles sold, so does it top the Xbox 360. Some unconfirmed sources have been reporting sales as high 11.45 million for the Wii, but it’s possible that they had gotten some signals crossed.

The first few years of a console race are always a race to the magic number, 10 million. History shows that the console that hits 10 million console sales first is most likely going to be the winner at the end of the generation.

Microsoft isn’t at all far behind with 8.9 million. It’s interesting that right at this time the two gaming behemoths would be so narrowly divided. Both systems have been readying themselves for this holiday season, lining up their big games to take out the competition.

It’s going to get bloody that’s for damn sure. Bioshock already went toe to toe with Metroid Prime 3. While the sales are still being calculated, it looks like MP3 will emerge victorious in that battle.

While those two appear to have been evenly matched, things are really going to get interesting when the real big guns get pulled out. What happens when it’s Mario versus Masterchief, and Mass Effect versus Smash Bros. Brawl? My guess is that either the world explodes, or everyone simply stops gaming all together because the decisions are just too hard.


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