Wii Ware coming. Xbox Live scared? Nahhh.

wariowareThe Xbox 360 has Xbox Live. The PS3 has the PlayStation Network. Enter Nintendo with Wii Ware in 2008.

What will you do with Wii Ware? You’ll be able to download original game content from the upcoming online service.

Right now, the file size that can be downloaded to the Wii has to be less than 512K — the amount of onboard memory it has.

Add some SD cards to your Wii and you have more storage space. But having all those SD cards lying about is a fomula for lost games and unfortunate accidents — "Er, I’m sorry, but my dog ate your game…"

This leaves the door open for USB external hard disk drives to come to the rescue. Nintendo isn’t saying a thing about this possibility, but hints have been dropped by Nintendo management in the past about the possibility for add-on USB peripheral storage devices.

Let’s all hope Nintendo isn’t planning on releasing something like the $180 gig drive that Microsoft is pushing to upgrade HDD capacity.


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