Will the 360 Go Black?

With the imminent release of the game BLACK for the PS2, many in the Xbox 360 community have been wondering, “When does this great shooter come out for us?” According to remarks made to Eurogamer, the answer appears to be, not anywhere in the near future. Alex Ward, of Criterion said, "I keep reading all over forums that we're going to make a 360 version of BLACK, and it's just not true." Will BLACK ever be made for the 360? To this, Ward replied, "The only time you'll see [this game] on the Xbox 360 is when we make BLACK 2 on it in a few years." The reasons for not making BLACK on the 360 are revealing. Ward indicated that it was not from a lack of desire to port the game over to the Xbox by Criterion, but had to do with issues between the developer and Microsoft. Ward offered: “We'd absolutely love it if our Burnout games worked on 360, but it's down to what Microsoft wants to do. It controls and decides what games its emulator works with. I've actually asked them four times myself for them to make it happen, but it's really not up to us.” So in the meantime, 360 owners will have to wait it out for BLACK 2 to come out in a few years, or play the present-gen title on a PS2. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.


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