Will we get a Killzone 2 demo?

killzonepicIn an interview on Gamereactor, Steven Ter Heide, Killzone 2 producer, and Mathijs de Jonge, Killzone 2 director, talked about the different steps Killzone 2 is taking over its predecessor and hinted that a demo will be released before the game’s 2008 debut.

Subjects covered in the video included why jumping wasn’t included in Killzone, Killzone 2’s hit-response system and enemy AI. Regarding the possible demo, Heide only hinted that he was very in-favor of game demos, especially for FPS, but wouldn’t divulge any information about a Killzone 2 demo. I would expect a demo before the game’s release though.

Heide discussed why jumping wasn’t included in Killzone; Guerilla Games wanted the game to represent realistic warfare as much as possible. This meant that jumping around with several guns on your back was simply too unrealistic. Also the developer wanted to keep the game as focused as possible without having the player jumping around or over everything.

Killzone 2’s hit-response system is built directly into the game’s engine; it blends both motion-captured animations with appropriate physics. So what this does is that every bullet impact — a body, a wall or a trash can, will properly affect the weight distribution, the body physics and create the correct animations of an object or enemy. Supposedly, every death animation will be different.

Lastly, Killzone 2’s enemy AI has been enhanced. Now, enemy AI are constantly aware if their cover can be destroyed, will navigate through levels more realistically and will yell out on-the-fly situation responses — should I retreat or press forward, for example.

Killzone 2 is hitting retail in 2008 for PlayStation 3. In the meantime, we should ponder when the demo will be released.


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