Will WiiWare take off? Yes!

WiiWare has launched in the US. The big question on most Nintendo fan lips is "Will it take off?" This is a good question considering the service has a few limitations. For one, the developers are constrained with a 40 MB limit for their games.

This caused some people to wonder if WiiWare would only see mini-game collections or other games of comparable status. Well several developers have put those fears to rest. With Frontier Developments’ LostWinds and Square-Enix’s latest Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles already on the service, the future definitely looks good if day one already brought us those games.

We also have several confirmed titles in the works like Gyrostarr, Dr. Mario Online, and others. I think it’s safe to say that WiiWare will be a huge hit. I know I’m looking forward to its growth in the coming months.


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