Windows Metafile: Intentional backdoor by Microsoft?

The recent Windows Meta File problem and the patches that have been pouring in, have been found to be something that could be really bad for Microsoft. Microsoft, in recent months, has been having all kinds of problems within it’s own company. The Windows Meta File controversy stems from a recent occurance that happened when Steve Gibson, who hosts a podcast with former TechTV and G4 host, Leo Laporte, was trying to find a way to fix Windows 95/98/ME/NT versions. He’s looking for a fix because Microsoft has said that it will not patch the earlier versions of Windows operating systems, since it does not categorically fit into the “critical” category of Windows patching system. Now, the category that Microsoft chooses to call critical is all in how it is perceived by Microsoft. Mr. Gibson was trying to fix the possibility of the vulnerability that could exist with in the 95/98/ME/NT operating systems, since Microsoft is choosing not to make patches for these systems. Mr. Gibson, while trying to create patch on a Windows 2000 system, tried to make the vulnerability trigger with metafiles that he created to try and make sure that his own patch would work, found that he could not make it work, and this puzzled him. He found that the only way to get Windows to misbehave was to do something completely different from Windows’ own coding system and had a particular value that was not an accidental happening. Gibson’s conclusion was that from Windows 2000 until now (it has later been found to start from Windows 3.0), Microsoft put an intentional backdoor into Windows. This is not a Trojan, but Windows would be able to operate a person’s machine and opearate code, if they went to Windows’ website, and that this was accidentally discovered, and had to be pulled out. Gibson postulates that there might be other such backdoor’s to the Windows operating system and that this backdoor had to be shutdown because they were found out. He is convinced that there is no way that this is a programming error. Stay tuned to for continuing updates about this startling new revelation.


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