Wolfking Warrior Xxtreme gaming keyboard

The WolfKing Warrior Extreme Keyboard looks like it dropped off the set of a Star Trek episode. The dual-key configuration makes you do a double take and has you wondering if somebody made a mistake in configuring this device.

But rest assured, it is laid out precisely this way to help hardcore gamers get that extra edge when playing RTS or MMOs. Now whether this new keyboard will really give you that extra edge is up for debate.

The keyboard is divided into two circular keypads that allow for either hand to manipulate the all-important key groups for moving your characters, fighting, picking up objects, etc. The keyboard is configurable to your heart’s content so any MMO or RTS you are playing can take on a custom layout on the Warrior Xxtreme.

But is it practical…especially at a hefty price tag of around $79? That all depends on how much attention you want. The keyboard is really cool looking when the lights are low. A blue LED backlight envelopes all the keys and it is definitely a conversation piece. It takes a bit of getting used to, as far as re-training your hands to realize that you have a full keyboard under each of your digits, and this situation will definitely give some people some problems.

Although it was odd, I adapted to the layout, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the keyboard because of the new key positions. But it was novel in using either hand to control game action. The function keys were particularly hard to use because of their very small sizes. While the setup may help some hardcore gamers to be more efficient in playing their favorite MMOs or RTS games, the stiff price may be a hindrance for some.

The Warrior Xxtreme is a piece of interesting technology and may serve its purpose just as a really great conversation piece. It won’t double as a standard keyboard, however, if you’re thinking of using the Xxtreme as a replacement for your food stained one because the key layout can’t be used to type efficiently. The inconvenience of constantly switching back and forth between the Xxtreme and your standard keyboard could prove to be a big hassle…and it was.

Final verdict? The Warrior Xxtreme is a neat piece of specialized tech for the guy or girl who wants something unique and interesting to use for PC gaming. For all others, a standard keyboard and mouse may be the way to go.





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