World of Warcraft has "peaked" says THQ exec

wowWorld of Warcraft is going to reach its peak, if it hasn’t already. This is the view of THQ executive Jack Sorenson. I’d have to agree with him. Even though WoW is ten million strong, with a highly anticipated expansion pack on the horizon, WoW is going to stop growing at some point.

Despite how big the game is, people are eventually going to be bored and move on to something else.

Also worth noting is that Blizzard has not recently released a press statement indicating how their numbers have grown. Sign of the times to come?

Mr. Sorenson’s opinion, though, has to be taken with a grain of salt. THQ is working on a Warhammer MMO, which would be in direct competition with Blizzard’s currently unbeatable hold on the MMO market. Of course he wants the game to die down in popularity so that people migrate to Warhammer. If I were him I’d want the exact same thing.

He said, "However long it takes World of Warcraft to go through its cycle there will always be people on it, probably always be millions of people on it, but does it keep at that peak? And I think that, I wish I could see the numbers, but my guess is that it probably already has peaked – but it’s still a great business. Who wouldn’t want that?"



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