Wrap me in Velvet please

Velvet Assassin Sometime in 2006 I saw screen shots for a World War II game called Sabotage. Overall the game looked absolutely gorgeous and the unique visual style kept me interested. Anytime there was any news about Replay Studios or Sabotage I made sure to read every word twice, so as not to miss anything.

Replay Studios has announced that the name Sabotage is no more. The new name for their WWII stealth action game is now Velvet Assassin. Velvet. Assassin. Say it with me. Velvet Assassin. Turns you on a little, no?

From the Replay Studio press release, "Rather than a trite, overused, and generic working title like ‘Sabotage,’ ‘Velvet Assassin’ captures the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish."

If they were trying to make a sexy looking game with a sexy sounding title I’d say mission accomplished. For those not in the know, Velvet Assassin follows the story of Violet Szabo a British Agent in Nazi-controlled Europe. The target release date for Velvet Assassin is fall 2008, so news should be flowing freely soon. I will be sure to keep everyone here up to date on any new revelations, breakthroughs, announcements, or if the lead designer gets a haircut.


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