XBLA 4/4 Release: Luxor 2 to Hold Over Gears and Vegas Fans

Puzzle fans will get their fix today as Live Arcade prepares Luxor 2, an Egyptian themed puzzler for 800 Microsoft Points, or $10. That might be a lot to ask if you’re a casual fan of the genre, so proceed with caution. 88 levels await you if you’re up to the challenge, so the price might be right if you dig this kind of stuff.

Also, Alien Hominid HD gets a little heftier today, as 150 Microsoft Points’ ($1.87) worth of content adds 100 new PDA challenges to the title. This is never-before-seen stuff, so it’d be wise to jump on it if you’re a longtime Alien Hominid fan.

In other news, Epic Games clarified the contents of the Gears of War update coming later this month. The new game mode Annex will be added to the playlist, so Gears fans can look forward to some Battlefield-style gameplay with the new ability to respawn mid-battle. This play mode has teams coordinating and holding specific zones on the map, offering a whole new way to play. That should liven the community a little. Sadly, nothing’s been mentioned about the rumored adjustments to the matchmaking system to allow clan support. We’ll see in a few weeks.

In other news, Ubisoft is now one week late on its promised Rainbow Six: Vegas multiplayer pack. Ten more maps, alongside new player skins and weaponry, should be coming soon. Keep your eyes open.


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