XBLM Update 4/27: Horse Armor, take three

This week saw another two-fer on Live Arcade: Eets Chowdown and Pinball FX. Both will charge you $10 (800 Microsoft Points) each. Both come loaded with simple, casual gameplay. Both dangle 200 Achievement points in your face in return for your time and money. Both are probably $5 overpriced. Didn’t this kind of stuff cost less about a year ago? Seems that way to us. If you like pinball, or just plain like to… eet, indulge yourself. Both are loaded with content and goofiness.

Speaking of Crackdown, didn’t you all play that back in February? Fun, wasn’t it? Well well, looks like that disc will go to use far past the sell-by date with the impending Halo 3 beta (May 16) when Real Time Worlds releases its planned downloadable content package sometime soon. No dates were given, but it looks like a new vehicle — a dune buggy… aww yeah — will be made available. The first screenshots released indicate four player stuff, but nothing of that sort has been confirmed yet. That would be cool though, ya dig? And let’s not forget that some time back they promised this stuff would be FREE and would fill in the remaining 100 Achievement points missing from the retail release. Let’s hope that’s still part of the plan. Maybe more heroes might be included, too?

Speaking of heroes, some new stuff dropped out of the sky this week for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance: two hero/villain packages offering more playable characters. 4 peeps comprise each download which come in at a pretty disgusting $6.25 a piece. A discounted $10 version exists which will net you all 8 characters, but… yeesh. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Suddenly, I’m seeing a cute animated screensaver of a digital cash register chainsawing wallets into pieces as they fly by. Chainsaws… with machine guns.

Speaking of Gears of War, BradyGames is attempting to swindle Cliffy B’s customers out of $6.25 with five 100 Microsoft Point packages — $1.25 each — that point out the locations of the game’s coveted COG Tags in the game’s five separate acts. God, people, if you have Xbox Live, then you probably have the internet, which means you probably have access to GameFAQs. Or somesuch equivalent. Don’t waste the cash. The achievement is only worth 30 points, anyways.


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