Xbox 360 $50 price drop, it's official! (Really!)

360 price dropHey, doesn’t this sound familiar, another Xbox 360 price drop news article (remember this, this and this?). But finally, we can put this baby to bed since it’s 100% confirmed. Microsoft announced that starting on Wednesday, the Xbox 360 is getting $50 chopped off its tag.

The Xbox 360 elite package will be $449, the Halo limited edition will be $399, the standard package will be $349 and the core package will be $279. What better way to advertise this price drop then coincide the announcement with an upcoming 360 game! That’s right folks, marketing 101 here, since Madden 08 will be released in stores on the 14th.

Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Manager for Xbox 360, talked about the price drop, "We’ve had this on our plans for a long time, an extremely long time. We did not make this decision even heading into E3, this is all based on before hand. We had the first media briefing (at E3) so we could have been the first to announce it, but it was never on our calendar. The benefit of pre-planning, of having this time, outweighed being one-upped, perhaps, at E3."

Greenberg also pointed out that the Xbox 360 maintained the same price close to two years (just 21 months), but I’d say if Microsoft lowered the price a bit earlier, it would of made the "console wars" a bit more interesting — considering Nintendo. In the meantime, are you folks happy of a $50 price cut?

[Via GamingTalkHQ]


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