Xbox 360 + External HD-DVD = $599?!

According to a story filed by DigiTimes Systems, the long awaited external HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360 will cost $200. The release date for the device will be in December. Overseas game developers lauded the decision by Microsoft to offer the DVD player as an optional upgrade, due to reliability issues associated with internal devices.

DigiTimes noted, “External drives have more flexibility than built-in models…despite BD having a much larger storage capacity than HD-DVD, pre-installation of BD drives may decrease the market competitiveness of PS3 units. Microsoft adopted HD-DVD instead of BD mainly because HD-DVD is compatible with existing DVD formats while also having much lower production costs…”

If the reported price of $200 for the external HD-DVD is correct, this will bump up the cost of a Xbox 360 considerably and make a full blown Xbox 360 with HD-DVD as expensive as the loaded version of the PS3–$599.

Microsoft has often blasted Sony for overpricing the PS3 and boasts of giving the consumer what it wants, instead of forcing something (Blu-ray) down their throats. With the possible total price of $599 with included HD-DVD player for the 360, someone in the corporate offices of the Big M will have to eat their own words.


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