Xbox Live Achievement Points May Be Worth Something After All

As every Xbox 360 gamer knows, Achievement points are received for meeting various goals in 360 games. Up until now, these points were rather, so to speak, pointless. While the totals ramped up for gamers, there seemed to be no practical use for them except to be used as a bragging tool. But according to a report from, the secret to these mysterious points may have finally been uncovered.

DeaconBlade, a Microsoft Xbox MVP–or in other words, a credible–said that a "partially torn document" he was in possession of outlined the details of Microsoft’s plan to utilize Achievement points as a means for the Xbox community to cash in on various rewards and premiums.

DeaconBlade stated, "For the first time with the Xbox 360, gamers will be rewarded for their Achievements and participation in this program. It will be a FREE program for all interested in registering. There are no fees. Your participation, in fact, is simply doing what you’ve been doing all along… playing games, having fun and unlocking those Achievements. From the casual player to the hardcore, this program will satisfy everyone’s gaming style."

In response to the story, Microsoft told Gamespot, "We have nothing to say about these rumors or speculation. However, what we can tell you is that Xbox is always exploring ideas for how we can reward our loyal customers. As soon as we have anything new to share, we will definitely let you know."

The response from Microsoft is a huge departure from the usual company line of "we do not respond to rumors or speculation." The fact that Microsoft is exploring ways to reward its loyal customers lends some credence to the rumor.

In any event, Microsoft is definitely planning something for its customers. The action by Microsoft to pull the Xbox Live gaming community together by means of rewards could work as an excellent way to market Xbox Live and to improve customer relations.


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