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Xbox One

The new Xbox is titled, shockingly, Xbox One. Unveiled during today’s Xbox Reveal event at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.

Xbox One will be an all-in-one entertainment device. Using the new Kinect 2.0 voice commands, users can make a simple statement such as “Xbox TV” to watch television straight from the Xbox One. This will also work with the Internet, music, and more.

This feature will also allow for multiple programs to run at once, called “snap mode.” Owners will be able to watch TV, browse the Web, and chat with friends via Skype at the same time.

Xbox One will interface with ESPN, allowing players to watch games while checking fantasy players’ stats, league standings, fantasy player highlights, and more.

Voice commands don’t just work for generic TV. Users will be able to select networks and shows by name. They can also check out what things are trending across all Xbox users by merely stating, “Xbox trending.”

The Xbox One has three separate operating system. One for developers, Windows, and a third that connects the other two to allow seamless transitioning.

Xbox One’s new controller has the same basic layout as before, but will feature an improved D-Pad and raised Home button. Kinect 2.0 will be able to register when a player picks up an Xbox controller to play.

Xbox LIVE will operate under the same subscriptions for Xbox One as it has for the 360. It will also function through approximately 300,000 servers utilizing Cloud technology. Players tired of waiting while getting paired up in matchmaking will be able to switch seamlessly to watch a movie.

EA Sports has four games planned for the Xbox One: FIFA ’14, Madden 25, UFC, and NBA Live ’14.

Popular athletes from across these three sports are talking about how they play their respective games, intended to show how EA Sports’ new engine will be more like the real thing than ever before. The engine is titled EA Ignite.

Better field of vision and a more human-like intelligence to come with Ignite. Crowds will be 3D, sidelines will be active, and a daily stream of nondescript content meant to change the way you play.

Microsoft Studios announces Forza Motorsport 5. The game is an Xbox One launch title.

Remedy Entertainment announces new IP, Quantum Break. Debut trailer with some gameplay, showing a live-action little girl with who appear to be her guardians, showing them gameplay from the title by touching the female guardian’s ear.

Microsoft Game Studios will have 15 Xbox One exclusives, eight of which will be new IPs.

Xbox Entertainment Studios brings up Bonnie Ross from 343 Studios. They are here to announce a live-action Halo show, made with Steven Spieldberg!

Microsoft now announces a partnership with the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell and Microsoft’s Don Mattrick star in video talking about “exclusive content” for the NFL using Kinect and Xbox Smartglass. This includes the previously mentioned fantasy integration.

The Xbox One will launch worldwide “later this year.” Microsoft plans to announce “the next chapter of our story” at E3.

Event goes out with world premiere for Call of Duty: Ghosts. All DLC for the game will launch first exclusively on Xbox One.

Ghosts will have “brand-new world…characters.” Working to create characters that players can truly get attached to. Stephen Gaghan, writer of “Traffic” and “Syriana”, is writing the game.

Setting has US in tatters and as the “underdog.” Players will take on role of Ghosts, an elite squad made up of the remnants of the US special forces.

One of the game’s squad members will be a dog, which will act as an actual character instead of multiplayer killstreak or simple single-player mechanic.

Players can slide, look around corners. New engine brings improved smoke physics and increases the amount of textures possible in the game.

More customization for multiplayer avatars with changable gear, heads, helmets, and more. Maps to be more dynamic.

Several images show off the updated graphics for Ghosts over Modern Warfare 3. New models look sharper, even more detailed than before.

Trailer has heavy focus on the single-player narrative, showing off the premise and featuring scenes meant to both get the adrenaline pumping and heartstrings pulled. Like a true Call of Duty trailer, however, there are plenty of explosions.

The event ends with a countdown timer showing that there are just 19 days left until the Microsoft E3 press conference, where we’ll all learn more about Xbox One.

Post-Show Updates:

Xbox One is approximately the size of the original PlayStation 3.

There will be no backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles for the Xbox One.

Don Mattrick has said that the Xbox One is not “always on” for single-player games. He then teased that a new game from Black Tusk Studios will be unveiled at E3.

Sony’s stock has reportedly risen by nine percent since the Xbox One reveal.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black FlagWatch_Dogs, Destiny, and Thief have been confirmed for the Xbox One.

All Xbox One titles will require players to install their games to the console’s hard drive and registered. Those who are not the games’ original owners will be forced to pay a fee.

A new video showing the Xbox One up close has been revealed and can be viewed below.

Microsoft has announced that achievements earned on the Xbox 360 will in fact transfer over to the Xbox One. The new achievements system for the Xbox One will also allow developers to continuously create new achievements as often as on a weekly basis to reward loyal fans.

A gallery of new photos showing off the Xbox One hardware has been released, which you can view below.


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