YouTube for games? Show off your code

XNAHow sweet is it to be able to log on to YouTube and either showcase a video you’re proud of, or look up some stupid funny videos at your convenience? Now imagine that same service with games. We’ve seen how creative people can get with video production, now lets see how creative people can get with gaming.

Microsoft realizes that there is an incredible pool of talent in the gaming community and has just confirmed that they are working on a distribution platform that will enable users of the XNA Game Studio to share with the general public.

What does that mean for us–the general public? That means we get access into the inner circle. Right now, XNA already acts as a forum for creators, but a closed, tight knit forum that is for XNA users only.

XNA allows users to develop games on their own, and share them with each other for a subscription cost of 65 Euros. Don’t roll with that monopoly money? Me neither. That comes out to about $90 US green.

Chris Satchell, general manager of Microsoft’s game developer group wants to expand the audience for XNA users but states "we’re actively working on how we would do [that sort of service] – the technologies required to make that happen."

This might just be Microsoft’s leg up and answer to Sony’s Home. Good news is, this arms race between Microsoft and Sony is definitely giving us gamers some great new advantages.



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