Zelda and Oregon Trail raising money for charity

Zelda and Oregon Trail

In the spirit of the Child’s Play charity, an organization established by the creators of the popular webcomic, Penny-Arcade, gamer groups in Massachussetts and Georgia are hosting marathon gaming events to raise money for hospitalized children.

In Pittsfield, Massachussetts, Geeks With Issues are pulling out the old Apple IIe for a 24-hour Oregon Trail endurance run to benefit both Child’s Play and the Hillcrest Educational Centers. Entitled "The Battle Against Dysentery III: Wagon Train of Destiny," this play session will begin on November 27th, and will air on Pittsfield Community Television’s Channel 18 as well as the GWI website. Last year’s event raised $900; this year the Geeks aim for $5000.

Down south, in Atlanta, Georgia, a group of four Georgia Tech students will be embarking on a marathon of their own. The third annual 4/48 Zelda Marathon begins on December 20th at 4pm ET, and features four students playing through games from the Zelda franchise over a 48-hour period. The event will have a video feed running live over USTREAM and on the 4/46 website. Donations to the marathon go to Child’s Play, and will determine which games the team tackles. This year’s fundraising goal is $2000.

These are two wonderful events that go to show that regardless of all the criticism of video games and gamer culture, those enmeshed in that culture are doing totally awesome things for great causes.



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