43: Engagement is a Choice with Leigh Alexander

Sinan Kubba, Jeffrey Matulef, and Eddie Inzauto are joined briefly by Gamasutra news director Leigh Alexander to discuss her blog post on how engaging with a video game is in part up to the player.

4 Responses to “43: Engagement is a Choice with Leigh Alexander”
  1. Marc says:

    Leigh is whip-smart, knowledgeable and a fair critic. She’s definitely one of my favorite critics right now. Thank you for interviewing her on a very flow-y, conversational podcast; I’m totally following it from now on!

  2. Sinan Kubba says:

    Hi Marc – thank you for listening and I very much hope you enjoy our future shows too :) I think all of us at BRP think the same about Leigh so we’re already looking forward to our next discussion with her – Sinan

  3. Eileen Revela Inzauto says:

    Greetings All;
    I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. It is totally refreshing and “engaging” when you include such an astute and perceptive feminine voice, which I feel brings balance to the “round table” discussion.

    The more interesting the questions, the more interesting the answers.

  4. Sinan Kubba says:

    Hi Eileen – thanks for another lovely comment, glad you enjoyed the show. We are looking at what to do with the show in 2011, and bringing in a female voice or at least more female voices is something I’m very interested in doing – Sinan

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