4: How to Sell a PS3

The fourth episode of Big Red Potion sees Sinan joined by two G-men in the form of Gary aka Xantiriad from Ninja Fat Pigeons and Cranky Gamers UK blog writer Gareth aka StridentUK. The three tackle a question that Sony seem unable to answer – how do you sell a PlayStation 3? Sony has slipped from first into last place in the console wars – where did they go wrong? How big an issue is the PS3 pricepoint? What needs to change to solve the problem – can it even be solved? Xan, Gareth and Sinan offer up their views in Big Red Potion Episode Numero Fouro.

The Regulars

Big Red Potion: http://bigredpotion.com
You Have Lost!: http://shoinan.com

Guest Links

Cranky Gamers UK: http://crankygamersuk.com
StridentUK.com: http://www.stridentuk.com/
Ninja Fat Pigeons: http://ninjafatpigeons.blogspot.com
Xantiriad: http://xantiriad.blogspot.com

Show Links

Sony PS3 marketing mistakes: http://www.bruceongames.com/2008/08/04/sony-ps3-marketing-mistakes/
Sony wants you to buy games: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2009/02/sony-wants-you-to-buy-games-not-xbox-live.ars

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