6: Represent!

Heyo! With plenty of announcements to cover, including the exciting introduction of the Big Red Potion Second Chair (clue: it’s TheGameReviews staff writer Joseph DeLia), it is easy to forget to talk about the actual show in the show notes. Well, screw the announcements, you will just have to listen to the show to find out. Joining Sinan and Joe on Big Red Potion this week are TheGameReviews Editorial and Features Director Eddie Inzauto and Gamer Quest author Angelo. The four dudes from four different time zones talk about games they feel can represent gaming… yes, we argued last week that the concept is redundant, but Big Red Potion is nothing if not a dichotomy! Angelo talks about Ocarina of Time as the best example of one of the best game series, Zelda, while Sinan argues that Super Mario Galaxy both represents and defines video games. Eddie gives his thoughts on the ways the open world of Oblivion represents gaming, then Joe closes with discussion on Shadow of the Colossus and its distilled simplicity. So, sit back and enjoy this ever so slightly new-look version of Big Red Potion.

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