27: Charting Uncharted 2

This episode is all about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Joe DeLia¬†welcomes Xantiriad from the Ninja Fat Pigeons and freelance games journalist Jeffrey Matulef to dissect Nathan Drake’s latest adventure.

One Response to “27: Charting Uncharted 2”
  1. I may have to eat crow on what I said about the puzzles being too handholdey. Justin Keverne’s wrote a wonderful piece on the game, http://gropingtheelephant.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/the-fallacy-of-choice/, explaining how Drake is a man of action and shouldn’t be held up for too long. In other words, the puzzles are easy to the player because they’re supposed to be easy for Drake. In a sense, they’re hardly even puzzles, but rather the illusion of puzzles to help drive the narrative along. While I appreciate my masochistic LucasArts and Braid-like mind-benders, they wouldn’t have fit the flow of Uncharted’s more guided experience. The game is always throwing something new at you, whether it be a shootout, an extended platforming sequence, or petting a yak’s butt. Just because I like hard puzzles doesn’t make them necessary for every game. It’s good to be wrong sometimes.

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