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GTA 5: Leaked video shows first-person gameplay in action

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

It’s terrible quality, but this video shows the first-person mode of GTA 5 on PS4 in action. According to the GTA Forums, someone streamed gameplay of the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch last night, but it… Read More »

Alien Isolation’s latest patch causing issues on PS4, dev looking into it

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

The latest patch for Alien Isolation on PlayStation 4 is crashing the game and corrupting save files, preventing users from completing the game. The 1.1 patch, which was released last night, is causing major issues for Alien Isolation players. In… Read More »

Microsoft Claims It Has Sold Nearly 10 Million Xbox Ones Since Launch

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

This week Microsoft announced that it has sold nearly 10 million Xbox One consoles since the system launched almost a year ago. The last time Microsoft revealed numbers on sales – way back in April – it said that its… Read More »

Color in your calendars for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

Nintendo’s lining up Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for February 13, 2015, according the publisher’s Facebook page. The big N previously outlined the Wii U game for February, but it’s always good to draw a line under things with a… Read More »

2.3 billion hours have been spent playing GTA Online

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

You guys really like GTA Online. So much, you have played 2.3 billion hours in the game across 224 countries. 2,330,825,301 hours to be exact, and all from October 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014. The amount of global players… Read More »

Sony announces Internet-based TV service, PlayStation Vue

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

Sony has announced they will be bringing its PlayStation Vue, which is an internet-based television service, to PlayStation consoles and additional devices later this year. At its launch, PlayStation Vue will launch with around 75 channels per market, which includes… Read More »

Watch every Final Smash in Smash Bros for Wii U

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

Smash Bros fans are familiar with two very different games. The first game is, of course, Smash Bros. The second game is waiting for the new Smash Bros to finally come out. Super Smash Bros for Wii U is still… Read More »

Super Smash Bros. pre-loads on Wii U next Tuesday

By , November 13, 2014 0 News

As announced in late October, digital pre-loading on Wii U will start with the home console version of Super Smash Bros. Nintendo recently elaborated on how the pre-loading service will work for the upcoming fighting game. Starting on Tuesday,… [Joystiq… Read More »

By , November 13, 2014 Comments Off Features

As one of the largest sandbox-style games released so far in the history of the video game industry, Grand Theft Auto V includes a lot of real-world activities. The series itself has changed a lot about what was thought acceptable… Read More »

Want a Mass Effect trilogy remaster? BioWare is listening to all your feedback

By , November 8, 2014 0 News

Aaryn Flynn, Aaryn Flynn – general manager at BioWare, is asking Mass Effect fans what they wish would be included in a remastered release of the Mass Effect games. Flynn took to NeoGAF to discuss with the fans the top… Read More »