GamerNode’s Guide to Review Scores

On May 5th, 2010 (5/5/10), GamerNode adopted a new rating system to simplify our assessments of each game and better reflect the quality of each overall experience, in understandable, human terms. In doing so, we aim to make more complete use of the scale’s full range to better approximate a normal distribution of scores and eliminate any misleading skews.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the possible scores games will receive at GamerNode from this point forward, each with a note about how we converted from our old 10-point system to this new scale. (Descriptive language was revised in 2016 with the introduction of tabletop reviews, in order to be more encompassing):


5 out of 5MASTERFUL
Outstanding, top-tier gaming experiences. Their negative qualities are few and far between, making them overwhelmingly enjoyable, classic experiences. They aren’t necessarily perfect, but still worth falling in love with. Everyone should play these first-rate games. (10-point conversion: 9.0-10)

Great games. Players will have lots of fun with them, and they will be remembered as some of the better games of their time or genre. We can comfortably recommend these games to most people, and would include them in our own personal libraries. Go grab ’em. (10-point conversion: 7.5-9.0)

Solid games that provide positive play experiences. They’re not revolutionary, but not bad. They’re entertaining and likable. They may not set everyone’s heart on fire, but many will find them to be enjoyable, or even surprising. They’re worth playing, and may be keepers. (10-point conversion: 5.5-7.5)

2 out of 5LACKLUSTER
Subpar experiences. They’re not always enjoyable, and we don’t find them to be particularly exciting. Unremarkable, but may have a few shining moments or interesting elements. Genre fans may still enjoy these games, so don’t write them off completely. (10-point conversion: 3.5-5.5)

Poorly designed games. These are generally not worth the time. We can’t in good conscience recommend them to anyone for anything outside of research. They are often broken, with few redeeming qualities. They will more than likely not be fun to play. (10-point conversion: 0-3.5)


Note: Titles covered at GamerNode are often received free of charge, solely for review purposes.