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By Eddie Inzauto, September 29, 2016 0 Board Game Review, Videos

Eddie Inzauto reviews Eric M. Lang and Guillotine games’ Blood Rage, published by CMON. This combat-heavy area control game with card drafting, hidden objectives, and various upgrade paths is a special hybrid of Euro and Ameritrash that will have a… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, September 19, 2016 0 Board Game Review, Videos

Eddie Inzauto reviews 51st State: The Complete Master Set, including a detailed rules and gameplay explanation. Designer Ignacy Trzewiczek and Portal Games have done an excellent job with this comprehensive reimplementation of 51st State, New Era, and Winter using some… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, August 10, 2016 0 Board Game Review, Videos

Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia from Stonemaier Games, designed by Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone, is a truly unique and highly thematic worker placement game that innovates with multiple game mechanics and offers players an excellent, engaging play experience for… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, July 23, 2016 0 Board Game Review, Videos

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game is a semi-cooperative, dice-based action selection game from Plaid Hat Games, designed by Jonathan Gilmour and Isaac Vega. With elements of storytelling, exploration, and survival horror, it’s smooth, refined, and well-rounded, providing a very… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, July 15, 2016 0 Board Game Review, Videos

Thunder & Lightning by Richard Borg and Z-Man Games is a tactical card combat game for two players featuring hidden information and a variable action point allowance per turn. Wonderful artwork, interesting mechanics, and tense gameplay make this a simple,… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, June 3, 2016 0 Board Game Review, Videos

The CopyCat, by Hawk Games is a social deduction word game seeking funding via Kickstarter. Here’s a link to our written review: The CopyCat Review  

By Eddie Inzauto, May 27, 2015 0 Previews, Videos

Flame Over‘s Producer and Designer, Alasdair Evans, has taken to YouTube to provide a general look at the game, including some of the new features that have been added to the PC version of this roguelike firefighting game. Flame Over is scheduled… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, May 29, 2014 2 Videos

Not long ago, unconfirmed images of an untitled game bearing the From Software logo spread throughout the internet gaming community. The game in question was rumored to be “Project Beast,” the next entry in the popular Souls series. Today, thanks to the ever-vigilant… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, February 19, 2014 0 Previews, Videos

First Run is BACK with Titanfall! This time, Jason takes you through a few matches of the TitanFall beta, showing off his less-than-stellar multiplayer shooter skills and letting you know what to expect when the highly anticipated title from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 7, 2014 0 Previews, Videos

GamerNode is happy to present the premiere episode of our new video preview series, entitled “First Run.” In each of these quick looks at new and upcoming titles, we’ll run through a play session with a game, capture the video,… Read More »