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By Eddie Inzauto, September 29, 2013 4 GN

Do you LOOOOOVE video games?! So much that you want to WEAR THEM ON YOUR BODY?! Well, thanks to the magic of the textile industry, GamerNode, and T-Shirts.com, NOW YOU CAN!!!! Two lucky winners of THIS VERY CONTEST will have… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 20, 2013 0 Contests

TERA has Risen. GamerNode is giving things away. Launched on February 5th, TERA: Rising has transitioned the traditional MMORPG design to a modern, freemium model, allowing players to play the game for free with “no level, time, or content restrictions.”… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 19, 2013 0 Contests, Videos

If you ever wanted to be a part of a Jurassic Park-style crisis situation with a little FPS deathmatch flair, then Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing’s Primal Carnage was made for you.  And once again, GamerNode is giving the game away… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 5, 2013 12 Contests, Videos

Dead Space 3, the third installment in Isaac Clarke’s horrific struggle against the Necromorphs, hit store shelves today, February 5. GamerNode wants YOU to have a copy of the game, and that’s why we’ll be giving one away this Saturday! Entering to… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, May 8, 2012 93 Contests

The immensely popular Game of Thrones is hitting the videogame world next week, and GamerNode is giving Cyanide Studio and Atlus’ RPG away to make fans’ celebrations even sweeter! Game Of Thrones, the new roleplaying video game based on the… Read More »

Remember, we have contests

By GamerNode Staff, April 12, 2008 0 Features

Just a reminder for those of you who missed their posting last week, but GN currently has two contests running. The first involves Pauly Shore, and his totally tubular new DVD. (Does Pauly Shore use tubular? I’d like to think… Read More »

By Creighton DeSimone, April 4, 2008 0 GN

So, I’m probably one of five people on the planet not excited for the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. However, that does not mean I can’t be excited for promos and games leading up to the release on April… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, April 3, 2008 0 Features

It’s time for the second contest of Unofficial Contest Week(s) here at GamerNode. This time, the prize is a little bigger, but 100% devoid of Pauly Shore. After some guessing (and sexual propositions?) from several community members, the time to… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, April 1, 2008 0 Features

Bio-Dome; A Goofy Movie; Encino Man. Other than being three pieces of 20th century cinema so great that one day our great great great great great grandchildren will see them and go "Wow, they were way cooler than I thought… Read More »

By Creighton DeSimone, March 14, 2008 0 Features

I love a good competition. The back and forth battle between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe for the highest score in Donkey Kong has been very interesting to follow. For those not in the know, watch The King of Kong:… Read More »