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By GamerNode Staff, January 27, 2010 0 Previews

Some games are supposedly "not meant" for American audiences, but that doesn’t stop us from clamoring for their release. In the case of the fifth (and final?) entry in the Sakura Wars series, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, we’re… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, November 19, 2009 0 GN

It appears that Sony had inadvertently (advertently?) overlooked a particular country during the worldwide release of one of their consoles. Thankfully, the mistake has been corrected and the fine denizens of Brazil can enjoy the latest cutting-edge games on their… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 10, 2009 0 VG Review

Gust is known for developing highly unique videogames, sometimes sacrificing wide audiences for implementation of very specific original design elements. If there was ever a game to break this niche status, the well-crafted Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica may… Read More »

Rock Band 2 Review

By Brendon Lindsey, October 3, 2008 0 VG Review

People are often hesitant with sequels, especially when there aren’t too many changes on paper. Dubbed Madden Syndrome, the process of merely updating a list (roster, songs, whatever) in a game is generally frowned upon-but for some reason the burgeoning… Read More »

Yakuza 2 launch trailer

By Brendon Lindsey, September 13, 2008 0 GN

Yakuza was a critical success in the US a few years back, but sold so poorly that the sequel never made it to US shores. Until now. Originally released in 2006, Yakuza 2 finally came to US shores last week…. Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, August 22, 2008 0 GN

Another bit of PAL-exclusivity this morning, and this time it’s SingStar. The hugely successful karaoke series which recently made its debut on the PS3 seems to be alive and kicking on the PS2-in PAL territories, that is. This Autumn, Sony… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, August 12, 2008 0 GN

It seems that every other week, an analyst or game executive proclaims their prediction on which game console will be the leader by 2011. So far, we’ve heard that the king of the hill will be the Wii, PS3 or… Read More »

Eternal Poison announced, trailer included

By Eddie Inzauto, August 5, 2008 0 GN

Atlus has announced that the Japanese strategy RPG Poison Pink will be coming to North American PS2s as Eternal Poison on November 11th of this year. Along with the announcement comes a cinematic trailer that looks very nice, but shows… Read More »

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

By Brendon Lindsey, July 26, 2008 0 VG Review

When Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was announced, a lot of the Guitar Hero faithful shook their heads. An entire game based around one band? And that band was Aerosmith? You can probably understand why. It was an odd (but financially understandable)… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, July 6, 2008 0 GN

The next entry in the popular Persona series will be on Japanese store shelves in in just a few days, but little over a half-hour ago, Atlus announced that the PlayStation 2 game will be coming to North America this… Read More »