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The Mortal Kombat series is now about as old as a quarter of today’s gamers, and I believe it’s finally… Read More »

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Death Junior was the kooky son of death and was one of the PSP’s first featured games. A large amount… Read More »

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In 1999 and 2000, the Power Stone games were released by Capcom for the Sega Dreamcast. The titles proved to… Read More »

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Looking fondly back on the last thirty years of gaming, one can only express a profound sense of amazement when… Read More »

After Burner: Black Falcon Announced

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Back in August, SEGA announced that they had hired handheld developer Planet Moon Studios to bring back one of their old franchises for the PSP (story). Today, that franchise was revealed: it’s SEGA’s classic air combat action title After Burner.

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Spectral Souls has made the transition from the PS2 to its younger handheld cousin, the PSP. Formerly a Japanese release… Read More »

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Movies and video games are often viewed as two mediums that should never mix, and given the abysmal failure of… Read More »

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Bomberman is a long standing classic that has seen many iterations on many consoles over the past few decades. Its… Read More »

BioWare Forms New Handheld Game Division

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Today, BioWare announced the formation of a new handheld gaming division. The new group will be led by Dan Tudge, who has overseen development of titles for several major publishers, including Nintendo, Microsoft, THQ and Sega Sports. "We’re thrilled to… Read More »

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The scene is Earth,s distant future. The good news is that all war has been obliterated with the use of… Read More »