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By Eddie Inzauto, May 25, 2014 0 GN Show

The top 5 games that have each of us excited for E3 2014. CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 (Episode 53) Eddie Inzauto is joined by Jason Fanelli, Anthony LaBella, and Josh Robinson to talk about the top 5 games that have… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 14, 2013 0 GN

When considering our most anticipated games of 2013 for the 2012 Nodie Awards, it was difficult to not include Team ICO’s The Last Guardian, but the uncertainty of its future after numerous delays and the departure of Lead Designer Fumito Ueda… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, June 2, 2012 2 Columns, GN, Videos

Monday, all speculation ends and E3 2012 begins. The grill has been piping hot with news this past week, so sink your teeth into what’s coming Hot Off The Grill! Every weekend, join GamerNode Senior Editor Jason Fanelli (with videographer… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, December 22, 2011 0 GN

Reports have surfaced indicating GameStop has decided to cancel pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian. Customers have been receiving automated phone calls from the videogame retailer stating The Last Guardian has been canceled, and there is no… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, December 13, 2011 1 GN

Nearly two weeks ago, word had leaked that the head of Team Ico and creator of The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda, had left Sony and is now working on the game in a freelance capacity. Earlier today, the company officially… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, December 7, 2011 0 GN

Last week saw rumors of The Last Guardian‘s creator, Fumito Ueda, quitting Sony and working on the highly-anticipated title in a freelance position. Today, official word has been released that the game’s executive producer, Yoshifusa Hayama, has left Sony as… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, November 30, 2011 2 GN

The creator of The Last Guardian and head of Team Ico, Fumito Ueda, has left Sony and is now working on the yet-to-be-released PlayStation 3 exclusive in a strictly freelance capacity, according to a report from Eurogamer. The site has… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, October 6, 2011 0 GN

The giant four-legged colossus burst out of the cave, his giant hooves creating imprints in the sand. “Hoo boy, what do I do now” I think to myself as I try to figure out how I’m going to figure this… Read More »