100 DMC4 Collector's Edition copies autographed

DMC4 Special EditionThe practice of offering "special," or "collector’s" editions of videogames has been around for a while. It really started becoming common practice though, after Halo 2 proved that lots of people are willing to shell out an extra $10 to have their game encased in low-grade plastic/tin hybrids. 

There’s been a lot of really stupid "Special Edition" games since then, for instance–Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and Rainbow Six: Vegas (worst behind-the-scenes documentary I’ve ever seen.)

I wonder though, if Capcom is taking it a bit too far this time with their Special Edition variant of Devil May Cry 4. First off, it’s $79.99 (US). A bit pricey no matter what is included in the package.

Beyond that though, the package is pretty stuffed. It comes with a making-of DVD, four anime episodes, tons of digital content, and a special steel case. Furthermore, 100 lucky preorders will have their game signed by the game’s producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

I guess I just don’t like the idea of a company basing their price points off of hypothetical bonuses.


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