12 year-old gets $6.5 million for PlaySpan

Arjun PlayspanDumb, dumb, stupid Kelly! You’re an idiot! It’s moments like this that leave me pounding my head into my steering wheel wondering why I didn’t think of it first. Four years of higher education, only to be undone by a child who hasn’t even hit puberty!? (This is starting to sound like a match over Xbox Live.)

12 year-old entrepreneur Arjun Mehta came up with the wonderful idea to create PlaySpan — a website dedicated to facilitating and selling virtual goods. Such a simple concept… right in front of my eyes the whole time… damn you Arjun!

PlaySpan isn’t even launched yet and it has $6.5 million in financial backers. Easton Capital, Menlo Ventures, STIC and Novel TMT Ventures all thought this was a great idea and decided to open their wallets up.

PlaySpan has signed seven MMOG publishers, trying to become an exclusive commerce provider for them. Since being founded, the company has changed management, which means little Arjun isn’t driving the $6.5 million into fairy-foo-foo land, or whatever 12 year-olds are into these days.

Now… what can I offer the world… OH I GOT IT! A reality TV show that pits 40 kids to rebuild a ghost town with no adults. And I shall call it: Kid Town! Oh that’s already taken…? Well, back to the drawing board.

Via Metaversed


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