2012 Nodie Awards

Game of the Year

The nominees are:



Mark of the Ninja

Mass Effect 3

The Walking Dead

And The Winner Is…



Journey escapes magnanimity and erudite ho-humming by focusing its attention back onto the player. It’s a game that depends on the user’s emotional and mental input, and that does not reward skill or punish inexperience, but paraphrases the imperfect diversity of human nature, manifest in world and wanderer. Forget the “games as art” debate; begin “choice as art”.

– Dan Crabtree

Journey has to be one of the most calming, soothing games I’ve ever touched. Normally games have the opposite effect thanks to their challenge, but it was so surprisingly nice to have one that gave the opposite reaction.

– Mike Murphy

The beauty of Journey is not confined to its majestic landscapes or outpouring of emotion. Journey succeeds in bringing gamers together in a way no other game has before. We all started our journey alone, but we met plenty of familiar yet strange faces along the way. Only when it was over would be learn the names of our companions, and by then it was too late to thank them. Only Journey call pull off this kind of interaction, and only Journey can create the feelings that go along with it.

– Jason Fanelli

Journey‘s ability to forge bonds between players without textual or vocal communication is truly astounding. There were games I spent more time with in 2012, but none were as emotionally resonating as Journey.

– Anthony LaBella

Journey takes players places no other game has taken them before, and while it arrests the senses with its passionately imagined world and weaves thoughtful existentialist threads through the fabric of its emergent narrative, it maintains the tangible joys of play and exploration that makes it an unparalleled symbiosis of “game” and “art.”

– Eddie Inzauto

Runner Up: The Walking Dead


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  1. Eileen Inzauto January 17, 2013 at 2:01 pm -

    totally comprehensive … kudos to the gamernode team!

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