2K Games Signs Family Guy

We™ve all heard of video game tie-ins to movies, but another form of tie-in is becoming more popular”the game tie-in to television shows. Add Family Guy to that growing list. 2K Games has announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Twentieth Century Fox for the rights to make games based on the animated series. Now, you can play with Stewie to your heart™s desire. Sweet. What more could you ask for? Managing director, Christophe Hartmann, of 2K Games said, “The irreverent and satirical humor from Family Guy that has made the show a smash hit opens up exciting and untapped possibilities in game development. We are looking forward to bringing the colorful Family Guy characters to life in a one-of-a-kind action/adventure style game.” Fox vice president of merchandising, Elie Dekel said, “2K Games really understands the distinct humor and unique voice of Family Guy. We’re confident that they will develop a hilarious and entertaining game for fans of the show as well as for gamers.” Let™s all hope that 2K realizes this is a game based on a cartoon and not on Grand Theft Auto. We don™t want to see Brian toting a gun around, right? The “Family Guy animated series began in 1999 and has been nominated for an Emmy. The show revolves around the life of the main character, Peter Griffin and his not-so-normal family. The cast of characters include his wife Lois, their three children, (most notable is infant Stewie, who plans to conquer the world) and their family dog Brian, who likes his martinis dry. No release date for the game was announced at the time of this writing.


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