3D HDTV is here. Where are the games?

3dtvGaming graphics have come quite a way when compared to games of yesteryear when eight bit graphics were the norm. Today graphics are pushing the realism envelope and we’ll soon be playing games that will offer so much reality that it will be hard to determine what is digitally made and what is real.

With that said what is the next step for graphics and video games? The answer to that question may have been answered with a new 3D HDTV made by Hyundai. The new 46" set sports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and produces the 3-D effect by displaying two stereoscopic images at once.

But in order to see the 3-D effect a user has to wear special Polaroid glasses that can separate the two images. The technology for 3-D broadcasts is already available in Japan and the new television will set you back approximately ¥498,000 ($4800 US).

If this technology proves to be popular in Japan, maybe it’s only a matter of time before game companies will commit to making 3-D games as well. That will be one fun day when it happens.

[via reghardware]


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