80Gb PS3 sales continue to soar on Amazon

PS3 on fireSony has done everything to find an alternatives to its high priced PS3. We’ve seen them all from the 20-40-60 GB versions of the machines, in its attempt to find a sweet spot.

Analysts have all had different projections and thoughts as to what Sony needs to do, and it all made sense… until this happened.

The big daddy, 80GB PS3 — yeah the one that costs your soul — has spiked up 960% in sales on Amazon.com. 960%. Either the usual 2 sales per day have jumped to 20, or the mad cow disease has struck the gaming demographic…or maybe the price is finally right.

The package that has been selling like Halo 3 at a 50% discount is the 80GB PS3 bundled with MotorStorm (an 82 average rating on Metacritic, and a resoundingly accurate rating of 8.2 on GamerNode) and a SIXAXIS controller for $499.99.

Moral of the story? You can predict the weather, but you can’t predict console sales. I should write for fortune cookies…

(And in case you were wondering, the Wii is still #1, so the PS3 has a lot of selling left to do to take that title away.)


via [softpedia]


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