99 achievements for The Orange Box, TF2 beta next week!

tf2heavyguyIf you’re someone who has to absolutely know this information, then I tip my hat to you. So here it is, The Orange Box for the Xbox 360 will feature 99 achievements worth 1000 points.

As of this writing, only 88 achievements have been unveiled, while the remaining 11 are still secret. Of course, spoilers ensue, so you were warned.

In related Half-Life 2 news, Valve will be issuing out a double-whammy this week. First, a major announcement regarding Team Fortress 2 will be made today.

After some wondering by me on what it could be– pre-order, beta, new characters, or even a new animation show based on the game’s characters, Valve announced that players can preorder The Orange Box and preload Team Fortress 2 now and save 10% on the Steam price ($44.95). Also all folks who preorder The Orange Box may participate in a Team Fortress 2 beta that’ll begin next week on September 17th.

The other bit of news is there will be a Meet the Engineer video released this week too. Much like the hilarious Meet the Heavy and Meet the Soldier videos, I have no worries on how hilarious the Engineer video will be.


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