A Bad Night for Gaming

I would like to extend a hearty "f*** you" to gaming in general right now.

After packing up all my stuff to move across the country and not having any Internet for almost two weeks (wow, I really missed a ton of gaming news in that time), it became clear that the only thing that would satiate the depressing void in my life would be to sit down, and at long last, play some videogames.

When the beautiful moment finally came when I could sit down, relax, and pop in a game, I was unprepared for what would happen next.

Picking up Fallout 3, a game I had not played in quite a while, I put it in my system of choice (my Xbox 360), loaded my untouched Point Lookout DLC and began my search for the ferry that would take me to Point Lookout.

I battled through some streets in downtown D.C., killed a bunch of wastelanders and mercs, and finally reached the beach with the ferry waiting for me at the end of a pier. I got on the ferry and spoke with a gentleman named Tobar the Ferryman. Right off the bat I hated his voice and mannerisms. He informed that I couldn’t bring Fawkes with me, and then proceeded to tell me something else. Whatever he was going to tell me will forever be a mystery, because my Xbox froze. Awesome.

Of course I had not saved, so I reset my Xbox and reloaded everything. I battled through the same streets again, but ignored the wastelanders and mercs this time and let Fawkes kill them all because I am impatient and lazy. I saw the ferry hiding in the mist of the river again, hopped on, and approached my good friend Tobar.


fallout 3 tobar the ferryman


"Boy, I’d really like to shoot him in the face right now," I was thinking to myself. But before he even began to speak, my Xbox crashed again. Good lord.

So at this point, my patience was really being tested. I managed to further endure the irritation and restart my Xbox yet again. Once I got to Fallout 3‘s start menu, my Xbox crashed (surprise!) a third time.

I turned it off and back on again just for the hell of it to see what would happen — and what happened was three flashing red lights. "Ok, FINE," I thought angrily to myself, "I guess I won’t be playing any Xbox tonight."

It’s at this point I decided to unpack my PS3 and hook it up for some good ol’ inFAMOUS, and oh boy, what did I find? Why, not one, but two broken HDMI cables.

Well, somehow both of my HDMI cables managed to get broken inside of a cardboard box full of PS3 stuff. Everything else was fine, just the cable connectors somehow managed to BEND and FREAKING BREAK, making them absolutely worthless in every sense of the word.

And so I asked, what in the hell is happening right now? Forty minutes had passed and I had lost an Xbox 360 and two HDMI cables.

Goodnight. I can’t wait to take out my infernal frustration on Tobar’s face with my combat shotgun, that annoying sack of s**t.


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