A GTA MMO is "very doable"

gtaMMOWould it be that big of a surprise if GTA was turned into an MMO? I don’t think so. Besides the money signs that would glow in the eyes of the developer, and the hearts glowing in the eyes of the fans, a GTA MMO would work. Heck, with the size and grandeur that GTAIV is supposed to have, it’s not that far of a stretch.

With downloadable content promised for the Xbox360, the next logical step would be to expand this franchise into a full on multiplayer experience. Sam Houser of Rockstar Games told EGM/1UP that "a subscription-based Grand Theft Auto-type game…is very, very doable and is a very, very compelling proposition."

Houser continues saying, "the combination of what we’re doing with multiplayer and what we’re doing with the [downloadable XB360] episodes is the start of us putting our toes in this water and seeing how our audience…adapts to online."

But a GTA MMO without the need to kill rats and gather boar pelts? That seems so out of wack! Also Rockstar isn’t reinventing the wheel with creating an MMO based upon aliens or elves. APB and The Agency are quick on their feet in hoping to provide players with something modern and unique in terms or setting and gameplay.


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