A list of things that always happens to gamers

vgiMaybe it’s coincidence. Maybe it’s bad mojo. Or perhaps it’s just the strange alignment of the planets. Whatever it is, I can attest to you that one of these things *always* happens when I am in the most critical part of a game.

Not all of these things happen all at once. If they did, I would throw my consoles and PC out the window and never play another game ever again. But they don’t, so I continue to play.

With that said, I have accumulated a list of things that happen when you are doing a final boss battle or highly critical moment in a game. Is it just me, or do any of you have these things happen to you too? So without further ado, here is a short list of:

Things That Always Happen When You Are in a Boss Battle or Crucial Moment In the Game

  • Your (fill in the blank) ________(mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father) has the sudden urge to talk to you while standing in front of the TV.
  • Your (fill in the blank) ________ (girlfriend, boyfriend) suddenly decides it’s a great time to snuggle with you.
  • The friend that has a reputation for talking real long and hasn’t called you in over a year suddenly calls…just before you’re starting your final battle.
  • Dinner-time is suddenly a do or die situation with the family. ""YOUR FOOD IS GETTING COLD. COME OR WE"RE GOING TO THROW IT OUT."
  • The game that you have been playing for over two weeks suddenly refuses to save to your (fill in the blank) _________ (memory card, memory card not made by Sony or Microsoft, hard drive, memory stick, SD card, flash card, game cartridge.)
  • The power suddenly goes off in your house.
  • The power supply to your game machine suddenly blows up.
  • You suddenly have to go to the bathroom….real bad.
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend jumps on you because they think it’s funny to disrupt your game. (And no, it’s not funny.)
  • Your dog jumps on you.
  • Your cat jumps on you.
  • Your cat and dog jump on you.
  • You suddenly remember that you forgot to do something but can’t remember what it was…but it has something to do with forgetting to turn it off.
  • You suddenly realize that you forgot to make a save just before the boss battle… and you know that if you die, it will take you another hour to get back to where you are.
  • After saying to yourself, "just one more time", after ten straight failures at beating the (fill in the blank) ________ (boss, mission, puzzle, match, score, level, opponent, magician, fighter, planet, guild, monster, dwarf, elemental, game) you decide to finally go to bed…at 4am.
  • You suddenly realize that it is now 4am in the morning and you have midterms at 7am…and you didn’t do a thing to study.
  • You suddenly realize that it is now 4am in the morning and you have to go to work at 7am…and you didn’t get any sleep.

So why do we put up with all of these distractions and circumstances? Answer: We love gaming.


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