A Macintosh Game On Xbox 360 Live?

In the last two decades of this PC-dominated computing age, its hard to imagine any popular games that were not PC-based. But there were, and one of them was called Crystal Quest, for the Macintosh computer. The game was simple enough to understand–collect the crystals, kill the nasties, and enter through the trapdoor upon completion. As mundane as the description of the game sounds, the popularity and addictive quality of the game was phenomenal within the Mac community. Crystal Quest had the distinction of being the first mega hit game for the Mac. It kept gamers up at all hours of the day, night and work, to the consternation of employers. This old title from the late 1980™s is now considered abandonware by many, as the original version has seen better days and is now on the shelves and closets, if not the trash heap, of Mac users. Patrick Buckland, CEO of Stainless Games, and the author of Crystal Quest said, I have been pleased at how fondly it’s remembered though. Back in the late 80s, almost every Mac in the world had a copy of CQ on it. Unfortunately for me and my bank manager though, 99.999% of them were pirated… But Crystal Quest is back from the dead as Buckland™s company, Stainless Games is offering a new edition of the classic title on Xbox 360 Live. Buckland said of the resurrection of his creations, Xbox 360 Live Arcade and Crystal Quest is a marriage made in heaven. It™s the perfect way to distribute these simple games


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