Activision stealing the Band out of Rock Band

thieves When Harmonix left the Guitar Hero business and got scooped up by MTV games it was kind of a big deal. They sold the rights of their franchise to Activision and decided to pursue other interests. Perhaps you’ve heard of Rock Band.

Activision had been content with owning the Guitar Hero franchise, even though the brains behind it were gone. Guitar Hero III sold record numbers this holiday season and was one of the best selling titles of last year. It seems, however, Rock Band has been picking up some steam. They have sold over 2 million songs via DLC and keep selling tons of copies of the game at the retail level.

It seems Activision wants in on some of that whole band money. According to the upcoming Game Informer, and a commenter on NeoGaf, Guitar Hero 4 will include vocals and drums.

Now, wait a second. Isn’t that exactly what Rock Band is? I’m all for developers borrowing from other developers to make great games, but Activision just straight up stole everything Rock Band did and they’re throwing it in their game, but still calling it Guitar Hero. It’s as if the guys at Activision didn’t even try to cover up that they are blatantly ripping off Harmonix.

I just picture the CEOs of Activision going down to GameStop or Circuit City and picking up Rock Band. It’s like seven guys in suits. They pull up in an unmarked white van and fan out searching the store. Finally they bring Rock Band up to the counter the guy scans it.

"Will that be all today, sir?"

"What? Yes. Yes, I’m just buying Rock Band here for my kids. They do love rocking."

The guy would look past him at the six other men in suits behind him.

"Ok, sir that will be-"

"I mean, we don’t work for Activision or anything. We’re just guys, buying Rock Band… for our kids. Kids love games!"

After a long pause and the guy at the front sweating profusely the transaction ends. And I picture those guys smuggling the box back into the corporate office under cover of night so no one sees their dark deeds.


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