Allez Cuisine! Iron Chef game cooks this summer

iron chef showIt all started so innocently about five years ago. I was talking to a friend about how I liked to watch cooking shows on Saturday mornings on the public broadcast system.

He said, "Then you’ve got to see Iron Chef on the dish!" I asked him what that was and he almost fell on the floor. "You don’t know what Iron Chef is?" "No," I said. He told me it was a contest between two chefs. It didn’t sound too exciting but he loaned me a tape full of episodes. After seeing the shows, I was hooked.

The episodes I saw on the videotape were from the original Japanese Iron Chef program. Since then the idea has jumped across the ocean and is now called Iron Chef America. It doesn’t have Chairman Kaga in it with all his frilly outfits but his nephew, Mark Dacascos, does a pretty good job as the chairman of ICA.

For all you hard-core fans, Iron Chef America will appear as a video game on the Nintendo Wii and DS this summer.

Jean Sagendorph, Licensing Director at United Media said, "Iron Chef America possesses all of the attributes for a successful video game: fast paced action, intense competition and a unique gamesmanship that is the hallmark of Kitchen Stadium. We are excited to partner with Destineer in a sure-fire recipe for success – Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine."

I don’t know about you, but this game sounds kind of fun. 

For more information on Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine, logon to the official website.


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