Amazon pushing HDMI-less Xbox 360 premium version?

Xbox 360 Premium HDMIPotential Xbox 360 buyers beware. may be trying to clear their shelves of the old Xbox 360 Premium models in favor of the new Premium SKU which will include an HDMI port.

Those thinking the twenty dollar savings on top of Microsoft’s recent price drop is too good to be true are probably correct.

Super shoppers will notice the Xbox 360 Premium model description, on, does not state HDMI capabilities. The only point when HDMI is mentioned is through a user review which compares the Premium and Elite models.

While some may think this is a sneaky tactic it actually makes a lot of sense from Amazon’s perspective. The now HDMIless Premium models are out of date, and as such should be listed at a lower price when compared to the new 360s.

Amazon obviously wants to clear their shelves and what better way than to offer an older model at a discounted price.

True twenty dollars isn’t much, but it is better than no price drop at all. It would have been nice though if Amazon made it clear if these are the older models, so there aren’t a bunch of unhappy customers.

In the end this is a clear case of making sure buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. Always read product descriptions and remember, if something seems like it is too good to be true, more often than not, it is.


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