Another Sims franchise coming our way. Yay?

Sims CloneEA is up to its old tricks again, and that trick is called franchise. It has announced another addition to The Sims series of games. But this time, it isn’t an expansion pack, it will be games aimed at the casual crowd. The new Sims label is called The Sims Carnival and will be available at EA’s 

The first two titles in the Sims Carnival line will be Snap City and Bumper Blast.

Rod Humble, The Sims Studio lead, bragged a little by saying, "We designed these pick-up-and-play games to be fun and entertaining, while still presenting depth in gameplay, long-term enjoyment and great value. Since The Sims Carnival SnapCity and The Sims Carnival Bumper Blast are available for digital download, the holiday shopper can avoid long lines and still share some fun with everyone on their list."

With the vast amount of money being made in the casual game sector, you can bet your Sims that EA is moving to cash in on this lucrative market. Our guess? Expect a wave of casual games coming from EA in the coming year and another acquisition of a game company…most likely one that focuses on casual gaming.

[via gamasutra]


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