Army of Two movie announced by EA and Universal

army of twoDespite the common wisdom among gamers that says movie adaptations of video games generally suck, it won’t deter Universal Pictures and Electronic Arts from signing a deal to create a movie based on the EA third-person shooter, Army of Two.

And no, Ewe Boll will not be directing the movie. Sorry Ewe.

The film may have a chance among all the debris of failed video game movies; Scott Burns, who co-wrote the screenplay for The Bourne Ultimatum, will be in charge of the scripting duties for Army of Two. The movie will start production next year.

The game, Army of Two, pulled in over $100 million in sales since its release in March 2008 although it received rather mixed reviews.

Donna Langley, president of Universal Pictures said, "Army of Two is a great project that has already attracted top name talent, and we’re glad to be working with Electronic Arts on making this hit game into a film franchise."

Did she say "film franchise?" Evidently, Ms. Langley is taking a page right out of the playbook of Electronic Arts when she says that.

[via Gamasutra]


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